Horses Grazing at livery in Harrogate with Pennine View StudPennine View Stud offer full and varied livery in Harrogate and the surrounding areas. We are all experienced horse people allowing us to bring a wealth of equestrian knowledge and experience to the individual care for your horse.

“We hope to know your horse and its’ needs as well as our own”

Livery Yard Services available

Pony Livery in Harrogate

Livery Yard Facilities we have to Offer

    • Relaxed horses grazing in well fenced paddocks at livery in Harrogate with Pennine View StuOpen and airy stables – Size to suit the horse
    • Rubber Matting
    • Water feeders
    • Straw or Shavings / Bedwell
    • Hay or Haylage
    • Feed includes pony nuts and chaff
    • Single turnout if needed or in pairs
    • Well maintained fields giving all year turnout
    • 5 bay, extra wide, Monarch Horse walker with rubber flooring
    • 30×40 rubber arena
    • Floodlights for the arena
    • Lorry and trailer parking
    • Showjump paddock in summerMini cross-country training field at livery in Harrogate with Pennine View Stud
    • Mini cross-country paddock in summer
    • Safe and  well maintained, mains electric fencing
    • 24hr on site supervision
    • Late night yard checks
    • House onsite and locked gates for security
    • Chalet for coffee Tea and yard catch ups
    • Secure metal tack room
    • Summer Shows
    • Onsite training

Daily livery yard care routine:

    • Tea room Chalet at livery in Harrogate with Pennine View Stud8am Feed
    • Hay or Turnout – legs checked for signs of injury
    • Muck out – horse on walker if wanted when mucking out
    • Lunchtime hay
    • Exercising starts at 9.30am till 3pm
    • 3pm Skip,  water or bring in and rug – legs checked for signs of injury
    • 5pm Feed & hay
    • PM riding for  liveries
    • 9.30pm nightime check horses health and hay

Description of Livery Yard Services

Full Livery in Harrogate

    • this includes bedding ( straw or Bedwell), feeding ( hay or haylage) and hard feed ( pony nuts and or happy hoof).
    • Includes PVS carrying out the daily routine listed above above minus any exercising
    • Includes all rug changes or boots etc
    • Ideally located stables for livery in Harrogate and the surrounding areas

5&2 Livery in Harrogate

    • Same as Full livery but the owner is responsible for the routine on Sat and Sundays – PVS is happy to still do the work if booked in the diary and it is charged as extras

Selling livery

    • Same as Full livery but PVS will exercise the horse
    • PVS will arrange the advert and photo shoots
    • PVS will take the horses to show to get a good CV for selling if needed
    • PVS will make sure the horse is presented in the best possible way
    • PVS prides its self on been able to match the horse to the rider; and the rider to the horse.
    • PVS will guide owners on a realistic market price to enable this to happen.

Backing Livery

    • Over the decade that PVS has been a thriving business we have back over a 100 horses we backed 30 in one year!
    • How long it takes to back a horse is totally dependent on the horse and his brain.  How much he has already been taught and how will and able he is to learn
    • Horses all have different learning curves and require different techniques  – PVS has used so many different techniques that we have a huge tool kit to choose from to make sure we use the best and method for your horse.
    • Call it intelligent horsemanship, natural horsemanship or a 6th sense from so much time with working with the uneducated horse we have the knowledge to back horses from 12hh  to 18.2hh.
    • WE like to back horses with the owners input too as we feel ultimately it will be the bond of owner and horse that will develop the real knowledge as time and repetitive correct training is what really teaches a horse all they need to know.
    • Whilst we are a livery in Harrogate we have back horses from all over the country.

Holiday Livery

    • PVS can take care of your horse when you go on holiday.
    • PVS will make sure your horse has first class care with highly knowledgeable and well trained staff
    • This is the same as Full livery plus exercise if needed

Rehabilitation Livery

    • Over the last decade we have unfortunately cared for many injured horses.
    • PVS horse walker has aided many horses to a successful recover from many different injuries from tendons to abscesses and even a broken leg.
    • We have facilities to have pens for horses coming of long periods of box rest.
    • PVS keeps regular checks on them to start gentle secure turnout management
    • PVS is knowledge and efficient at applying medical dressing and injections when needed to on a vets advice
    • PVS works very closely with Minster Vets

Stud Livery

    • This is grass livery ( only available in summer) or stabled full livery where you get the same as in full livery.
    • We have a vet specialising in equine reproduction coming regularly in the summer and they can arrange a vet package to get your mare scanned and covered by our stallions under vet supervision.
    • Although we are a livery in Harrogate we welcome mares from all over and you can be assured of their individual attention and care.

We have also foaled over 15 foals at PVS and are happy to foal your mare here with Lucy and Chris’ knowledge and experience onsite for the moment the great day arrives