Dodson and Horrell

Over the last few years our stallions would not be where they are today re health and competition ability without the amazing stay power cubes that we have found to be a great success! Our youngstock also thrive on the Youngstock Mix.

Dodson and Horrell Nutrition Consultation

Jenny and Naomi have more recently spent time accessing all our large variety of different equines on the yard. We have a full and challenging range of horses from our stallions and youngstock to OAPs, from Clydesdales to shetlands!

They took time to assess each horse, including weighing them and talking to their owners about the horses specific needs.

They have given us a simple feeding regime which comprehensively covers the whole yard and will be back to assess and evaluate the effect very soon!

Pennineview Silver Concorde

Pennineview Silver Concorde ( aka Connor) has also been asked to be a D&H advocate for 2019.  We are so excited and thrilled to have the support of such a great company with specialist knowledge that will really benefit our stallions health.