Proud to be Working With…

Over the years Pennine View Stud has gathered some of the best support in the Equestrian world and we are presently proud to say we get the best service from the following to help keep our very special equine team fit and healthy and ready for action at all times!

Dodson and Horrell, Horse Feed Specialists

Dodson and Horrell

The Horse Feed Specialists

Over the last few years our stallions would not be where they are today re health and competition ability without the amazing stay power cubes that we have found to be a great success! Our youngstock also thrive on the Youngstock Mix.

Dodson and Horrell Nutrition Consultation

Jenny and Naomi have more recently spent time accessing all our large variety of different equines on the yard. We have a full and challenging range of horses from our stallions and youngstock to OAPs, from Clydesdales to shetlands!

They took time to assess each horse, including weighing them and talking to their owners about the horses specific needs.

They have given us a simple feeding regime which comprehensively covers the whole yard and will be back to assess and evaluate the effect very soon!

Pennineview Silver Concorde

Pennineview Silver Concorde ( aka Connor) has also been asked to be a D&H advocate for 2019.  We are so excited and thrilled to have the support of such a great company with specialist knowledge that will really benefit our stallions health.

Minster Veterinary Practice

Minster Vets - Quality Professional Care for all your animals

Going back well over a decade now Minister Equine has been our first port of call for any poorly equine and they are now doing free monthly call outs to cover all our annual injections and keep on top of any health problems to keep our equines in the best possible care.

The Minster Equine clinic opened In February 1998 as a purpose built equine department of the Minster Veterinary Practice. They have superb reputation dedicated to providing quality professional care for horses in numerous equestrian disciplines. A highly experienced and qualified team working across various sites in Yorkshire. The original York clinic boasts excellent surgical and medical facilities with an in-house CEMO accredited laboratory whilst simultaneously providing an ambulatory service 24/7. Further branch practices at Ripon and Malton are primarily ambulatory practices, with some in-patient facilities, both offering a full service including digital radiography and ultrasound, lameness investigation, airway endoscopy and stud services to clients across North Yorkshire. They work hard to ensure the needs of every horse, from the athletic racehorse to a child’s pony,  are fulfilled to the customary high standard Minster provides.

Robert Taylor

No Hoof No Horse

“No Hoof No horse!” What can I say but having the very best and most reliable farrier is so important to any yard and I can’t believe how very lucky we are to have the knowledge and skills of Rob Taylor and his apprentice every few weeks.